Kimsey Properties

Robert and Tonia Kimsey have lived for the past fifteen years in Mexico, enjoying retirement in the growing country that is a great place to live, work, play and invest. This is a wonderful country where affordable homes in a beautiful place are a reality.

Over the years, Mexican properties have gained in value, towns and cities have modernized and more Americans, Canadians and Europeans have chosen Mexico as either a temporary or permanent home.

With this in mind, the Kimseys have built homes that cater to the tastes and expectations of those who appreciate the modern conveniences, accompanied by Old World quality and the warm cheerful and light-filled enjoyment of life that defines Mexico.

The Kimseys, who designed beautiful Mediterranean homes in Sarasota, FL for many years have continued to follow their passion, designing and building homes in La Manzanilla, Jalisco and Merida, Yucatan.

Along the Yucatan Gulf Coast in the popular area of Telchac, in Puerto Abrigo, they have built Casa Playa on the beachfront and Casa Marina fronting the marina. They also have lots with beach access and an area planned for a 14-unit marina-front townhouse development.

And in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, along the West Coast of Mexico, they have building lots with views of the beautiful Tennacatita Bay and the Pacific Ocean, located just around the corner from the exclusive resort Tamarindo. This is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Mexico.

All these properties are offered at affordable prices, whether you want to rent or buy. For more information about any of these properties, please contact Robert Kimsey.

A great time to invest in Mexico!

In 2011, Mexico’s GDP growth rate was 3.8%, slower than Saudi Arabia (6.5%), but faster than its trading partners the U.S. (1.5%) or Canada (2.2%). Mexican GDP per person was $15,100, higher than any other Latin American country except Chile. (Source: CIA Factbook)